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Our Commitment to the Environment

Our promise to you is to be the most environmentally efficient apartment complex we can be.  Our goal, of course, would be to carbon neutral.   While this is difficult at an apartment complex, and often out of our control, we have made huge strides towards that goal. We are very proud of what we accomplished, and as a tenant you can be too.   Not only do we have some great solar projects, unique in Sacramento, but we have also reduced our water consumption year over year for the last 3 years.  Dont forget, we grow our own fruits and vegetables onsite too!

Solar Electricity 

We have 71 solar panels sitting on our middle building.  We generate a tremendous amount of electricity.   We power most of our outdoor lights, our laundry room, the office, and TWO apartments totally by solar.   As of Oct 2021,  We have saved 37,135 lbs of CO2!!

Solar Hot Water

We are currently installing 30 additional Solar Thermal panels for the production of hot water.   Unlike new apartment complexes that are environmentally un-friendly we have a unified zoned water system.   Our Solar hot water system is unique in Sacramento and will be providing hot water to all our apartments.   Don't worry, for those rainy days we have a 96% efficient water heater and many insulated tanks.    We will be saving *a lot* of natural gas.   You dont pay for hot water at Arden Town!

Solar Pool

Yes, even our pool is solar.   Our pool is heated by its own solar panels also on the middle building.  This allows us to open our pool earlier in the season, and close it much later in the year.  A heated pool is nice!

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